Odyssey House Victoria use rediCASE
Odyssey House Victoria provides alcohol and other drug treatments, training and support from 25 locations across Victoria. A key agency in multiple community health consortia, they use rediCASE to support over 200 case managers servicing more than 8000 clients a year.

Our relationship with Redbourne, the developers of rediCASE, is one of the best supplier relationships we have and it has been a key feature of our success.

Read on to discover more about the work they do and how rediCASE has helped underpin their business growth.

Established in 1979, Odyssey House Victoria offers 10 different types of treatment interventions across Victoria to assist individuals and families reduce their use of alcohol and other drugs and lead healthier lives.

Over the last decade the organisation has evolved to provide a holistic approach to treatment in recognition of the often inter-related factors affecting addiction – mental health, gambling, family violence, childhood trauma and more. A key part of this is a focus on breaking cycles, building parental skills, addressing multi generational neglect that also impacts education and employment opportunities.

Over the last six years, the organisation has tripled their overall budget and the number of clients they support. Odyssey House Victoria has two residential rehabilitation centres – one in Melbourne at Lower Plenty and one in Benalla – however it is their community service programs that have grown the most.

Two out of five clients being treated through Odyssey House are methamphetamine – ice users – leading to increased investments in such treatment programs.

According to Odyssey House CEO, Dr. Stefan Gruenert, the number of people using all types of drugs is reducing, however the harms caused by those using problematically seem to be increasing. Despite the organisation’s growth, our capacity to meet the need was still relatively low, he said.

While Odyssey House works with young people from 10 or 12 years old, the majority of clients are adults aged 18-65 years, with the average age being people in their 30s. “Our clients encompass a range of cultural and social backgrounds,” said Stefan. “Ten per cent are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, 10-15% are from other ethnic groups, and two-thirds are male.”

The average length of stay at Odyssey House’s residential programs is around four months. On top of this, the organisation runs programs for young, at-risk families and schools, trying to develop responsible parenting skills, and supporting young people to stay at school.

Odyssey House Victoria has used rediCASE for more than five years. According to Stefan, it has been very robust. They originally housed it onsite with their own servers and storage. As businesses moved to cloud-based servers, the organisation opted to used Redbourne’s servers. “As a web platform it has given us the access we need when we are out on the road,” noted Stefan.

“Today we are on the subscription service and pay an annual fee that has changed as we have grown and increased our number of users on the system.”

“It’s much easier to know what our operational costs are going to be, to budget for a certain amount, and Redbourne’s subscription pricing is fixed in this way. For us this model gave us access to a solid software system while at the same time it helped spread costs over a number of years.”

“The product and Odyssey have grown together,’ added Stefan. “It is much more holistic as a result. We’ve requested a lot of customisation over the years to add features that we need.”

Prior to rediCASE Odyssey House Victoria used a mix of systems. “We had multiple Excel spreadsheets and Access databases; it was a nightmare to integrate and coordinate what we offer clients,” said Stefan. “It wasn’t all one system; they didn’t talk to each other. Every time we got subpoenaed to produce files we would have to check through multiple files, paper files, etc. Our old systems were incredibly time consuming. Now you type in a name and you have instant access to all records for each client.”

Odyssey House Victoria has around 150 clinicians using rediCASE and they also auspice staff in other organisations, consortiums. “All up we have over 200 staff that we are managing who use rediCASE,’ said Stefan.

“Clients move around to different areas. They access different treatments, multiple treatments. They move or go away and come back. With rediCASE their care is fully integrated and connected regardless of where they come from and what they access, as their case file is accessible throughout our network. Thanks to being on the cloud, it’s accessible from anywhere. “

Recently, Redbourne introduced a new e-referrals function to rediCASE that has made it easier for Odyssey to provide integrated care services across a range of health services, explained Stefan.

“Because we run a central intake for many other services being able to make secure referrals with assessment data has been a really useful function. It’s incredibly fast and does not cost extra in terms of secure file transmission etc.”

“rediCASE has increased our productivity,” added Stefan. “Our clinicians spend more time with clients rather than doing paperwork or looking for paperwork.”

“It has contributed to our growth. We wouldn’t have been able to manage rapid growth without a product like this, particularly taking on staff at multiple organisations. To take on contracts leading five or six agencies, to report to government and meet other requirements – we wouldn’t have been able to do that without working off the same platform. The responsiveness to clients at different levels, security, permission to share with different organisation is all taken care of within rediCASE,” he said.

Stefan added that naturally one of the ways rediCASE had helped Odyssey House Victoria and one of the reasons they went with it in the first place was to manage their reporting obligations.

“We have to report on the National Minimum Data set. Victoria has its own metrics. We have programs that are commonwealth funded and others that are state funded – each has their own reporting requirements. Redbourne has worked with us and continues to work with us to incorporate that data collection and reporting capability.”

“Importantly, rediCASE allows us to use the same platform and spit out data for simple extracts or detailed reports. There is no double handing required. It has made it really easy for staff to do their work.”

According to Stefan, Redbourne has worked with them to customise and improve rediCASE for Odyssey House Victoria – and for the whole sector. The types of customisations have included.


The system had a lot of core reporting requirements for federal and state (Victorian) governments to begin with but new metrics have been added continuously. “Our reporting to funders, can change over time and we need to capture that,” said Stefan.

Extensive record /field capture

When you are treating someone for AOD addictions you are often working on a host of other medical and social issues such as mental health, family relationships, financial management, unemployment, homelessness. You are helping someone to rebuild their life and there are many elements to a healthy, functioning life. “Our knowledge of this and sophistication of case management has and continues to evolve, with Redbourne adapting our rediCASE as required,” said Stefan.

Service Provider Variances

He continued, “As we have grown to offer better, integrated services we needed to partner with more organisations and factor in their reporting and data capture requirements.” This has included linking children and other family members to clients and more detailed information about mental health status and key health providers.

Residential and Community Requirements

Odyssey House’s origins were in providing long-term, intensive residential treatment. This requires managing bed occupancy and nominal payments from clients for services. In recent years the organisation has grown to offer more community-based treatment programs, all of which are free of charge. Developing a case management system in a single platform that serves all purposes has been a focus of customisation.

“With rediCASE taking care of case management, each client’s care is fully integrated and connected regardless of where they come from and what they access.”

rediCASE was originally built on a solution for the Queensland Drug and Alcohol sector. From the outset this product has been built understanding drug and alcohol, noted Stefan. “Redbourne has journeyed with us, understanding the sector is more holistic and crosses over mental health, vocational, health, relationship and family issues.”

“To achieve the best outcomes for our clients requires a case management approach that involves tailored treatment plans necessitating multiple referrals and service providers.”

“Redbourne has been very interested in all the ways the sector has changed and evolved. As a result, rediCASE supports frontline workers rather than hinders them, which ultimately means they are better equipped and have more time to focus on helping their clients.”

“With some other organisations and some other solutions and the way they are funded they are forced to work and report in certain ways. Those approaches are not inline with the best outcomes for clients,’ he added.

“rediCASE is not like that. It supports us. It’s not a barrier; it’s not cumbersome. It’s client focused.”

“The relationship with Redbourne has been fantastic,” said Stefan. “They’ve listened and understood and added features that would be of benefit to the whole sector. There have been a couple of times we’ve wanted some specific customisation done just for us and we’ve paid for it. The majority of requests they have identified will benefit the sector. They work with us to pilot it and refine it.”

According to Stefan, “This service and the improvements that we – that any of their customers for that matter – get is over and above what you get with just an off the shelf product. When Redbourne sees multiple client organisations benefiting from some new feature, they build it in and make available to all users. I don’t know of many other software companies with that approach.”

“They are highly responsive to our needs. They think of the product sophistication we might need in the future,” he said.

“From our staff’s point of view, all new staff find rediCASE easy to use. It’s very intuitive. We often don’t have to mention any customisation of the product to staff.
They can automatically pick it up. It’s been more of an orientation to it rather than training. Nothing beats them just spending time using it.”

“The product has been very stable. The few problems we’ve had have been, fixed immediately. As well, Redbourne is continually improving the product with patches and additional features.”

“We like that support is included. Not a lot of products have that. The benefit for us is that our IT staff can focus on their issues and not worry about the rediCASE system. As it’s all taken care of. This eases pressure on our IT people,” added Stefan.

“Any of our frontline users can ring Redbourne if they need assistance. I’ve never heard any issues or complaints – so I can only assume they get addressed quickly. We get staff offering up suggestions for improvements. We don’t hear complaints on the system, unless there is a bug. And then that is escalated and fixed.”

Stefan has talked to lots of people and participated in seminars run by different organisations for NFPs and companies evaluating and trying to decide on which case management system to choose.

“I usually tell people to do their own homework and look at their processes and what best fits. There won’t be any system that has everything they want.”

“I tell them not only has rediCASE been easy to use and intuitive, our initial implementation was quick and well supported. rediCASE meets most of our needs and Redbourne are committed to creating a holistic solution.”

Odyssey House is working towards opening another one to two residential facilities to cater for clients needing long-term treatment. rediCASE will be one of the key systems used to support staff and clients in the expanded organisation.

“The funding world we operate in changes very quickly,” said Stefan. “With our case management system we are not investing in a shapshot in time. We have the flexibility to work with a provider to add new features.”

“Certainly continuous improvement is something that a number of people from other organisations (not using rediCASE) get frustrated about. It can take a long time for new features to be released.”

“That responsiveness has been a key differentiation with Redbourne. It has made our relationship a long term one and contributed to our success as an organisation.”

The biggest benefit to us in using rediCASE is we now have a single platform for the case management of all our clients. Management decisions and data analysis are now easier, and reporting back to funders is much more efficient.

Major Benefits
single platform

Using a single platform for client case management has helped to make decisions and conduct data analysis easier.

Highly Scalable

Has enabled us to take on staff at multiple organisations, quickly and easily, underpinning our rapid growth across 25 locations. It has provided the capacity to manage staff across our consortia.

Holistic Solution

rediCASE has evolved into a flexible and holistic platform that caters for the diverse and integrated case management care programs we create for clients.


Made reporting to federal, state and other funders much more efficient, saving time and resources.

Client centric

The system has been developed with our case managers and end clients in mind, supporting the work they do, the outcomes they are working towards.

Continually improving

The sector we work in is in constant change and Redbourne recognises that. They are committed to servicing the sector and we have the flexibility to work with the provider to add new features.


Is included as part of our subscription.

Budget Certainty

The subscription-based pricing makes it easy for us to plan and budget each year for our case management system, which is the most advanced on the market.

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