The increasing focus at all levels of government and society on Domestic Violence, Family Violence and Intimate Partner Violence is seeing more funding being directed to support victims of domestic violence and prevention of violence. The $100 million announced by the Turnbull government in 2015 is one such measure.

This goes some way to enabling DV support organisations, community and advocacy groups to better support those suffering from some form of violence. Most studies assert that 1 in 5 Australian women will be affected in their lifetime. Men can also be victims of domestic violence.

With increase resourcing comes increased accountability as organisations strive to ensure more Australians – particularly children – live in safe and healthy environments.

Having a case management solution that can manage the complexity of issues and services delivered by a support agency and its network is crucial.

rediCASE is an Australian developed case management solution specially built for Australian requirements. It addresses reporting requirements for federal, state and other funding channels with easily customisable fields that can accommodate emerging reporting changes as required.

It has the flexibility to underpin case and crisis workers supporting people experiencing family and domestic violence. As a solution for the sector it is capable of tracking:

  • Social work counselling / relationship support services
  • Telephone crisis counselling and support
  • Information about relevant services/ third party referrals and safety options
  • Payments (parenting, income support, crisis, child support)
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Attending with police at, or just after, incidents to support those affected
  • Court attendance / support
  • Case tracking (when the person using violence is charged with an offence);
  • Community education and training
  • Medicare/ Centrelink
  • Crisis / Family Violence intervention programs
  • Outreach / support programs for you people
  • Support groups

In one highly customisable program rediCASE can provide a comprehensive case management solution to those supporting Australians in crisis.

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