Case management for financial counselling and emergency relief

For organisations providing financial counselling services and helplines to Australians experiencing financial hardship rediCASE delivers the case management, referral and reporting functions required by the Commonwealth Financial Counselling and Commonwealth Financial Counselling Helpline.

Part of the Department of Social Services Financial Wellbeing and Capability (FWC) Activities, the expanded financial counselling and helpline services are in response to the growing number of Australians experiencing financial stress through extreme hardship, unforeseen circumstances, unemployment, poor financial management, credit card debts and loans.

According to the ABS, Australian household debt has increased 83 per cent in the past decade, while average household income has only increased 38 per cent, with wages growth being stuck near 20-year lows since 2015.

Due to our uptake of home loans, car loans and credit cards, Australia is reported to have some of the highest personal debt levels in the world. According to OECD data, while many developed countries have seen a decline of personal debt since the 2008 global financial crisis, Australians have increased 212% in 20 years.

According to the ABS, it is often younger families that most experience financial stress determined by factors such as spending more money than receiving, unable to pay utility bills, seeking financial assistance from family, friends or welfare.

These are some of the clients likely to be supported by Commonwealth Financial Counselling and Commonwealth Financial Counselling Helpline providers.

For providers delivering such services they need a powerful tool to:

  • Assess clients to determine their eligibility
  • Assist and case-manage clients in financial difficulty to address their financial problems, make informed choices and build longer-term capability to budget and manage their money
  • Manage effective referral pathways internally and/or with local support services (i.e. family relationship services, job active providers, refugee services, domestic violence services, mental health, housing programs and other financial wellbeing and capability services) to address underlying causes of financial stress (i.e. mental health, housing, substance abuse, gambling), and
  • Provide full reporting of client outcomes per government specified metrics.

rediCASE is a proven solution that has been used by many Australian referral agencies for nearly a decade. It:

  • Handles intakes, assessments and case loads for financial counselling and emergency relief funds
  • Manages referrals to secondary providers and treatment plans
  • Converts paper forms/ documents to electronic versions within a system, e.g. scanning, birth certificates, bank statements, custody arrangements, etc.
  • Books and manages appointments with alerts, calendars
  • Captures and reports mandatory government data sets fully complying with Data Exchange (DEX) submission requirements
  • Inputs information each agency needs for their own records as well as government data (via customised screens)
  • Tracks client contacts including provision of support, commitments, vouchers outcomes, and whatever else you set the system up to track and report on.

rediCASE is a suitable case management software solution for organisations looking to provide services as part of the Commonwealth Financial Counselling, Commonwealth Financial Counselling Helpline and Emergency Relief (FWC) Activity.

  1. We build into it the necessary government data collection elements, saving our clients the need to double entry or transfer from another system. This improves professionalism, enables faster reporting and enhances prospects for contract renewal.
  2. We can easily customise rediCASE for client-specific data-capture requirements unique to their way of working.
  3. We have previously built large-scale, tailored, case-management solutions for PHN contracts in a matter of a few months.
  4. We have a large support team and systems in place to help clients quickly get up to speed with the software so they can focus on interacting with and supporting their end clients, rather than on the software they are using.

In addition to providing a cost-effective Australian case management software solution, the Redbourne Group also has extensive experience in providing telephony hotline solutions in response to government contracts for health, community services and policing.

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