We’d like to acknowledge the traditional land-owners of Australia, and the Turrbal people, traditional custodians of the land from the North Pine River south to the Logan River and inland as far as Moggill. We welcome all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to Redbourne.

Our organisation has extensive experience working with clients providing a variety of community and health services to Indigenous populations throughout Australia – predominantly in Queensland, the Torres Strait, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Despite large investments from NFPs, government, and the private sector into Australian indigenous communities, their health, well being and life expectancy is much less than the rest of Australian people.

Many aboriginals have health problems caused by tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs, high body mass, inadequate physical activity, low intake of fruit and vegetables, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, unsafe sex, child sexual abuse and intimate partner violence. As a result indigenous Australians use hospitals 2.5 times more frequently than non-Indigenous people.

Sadly, their health, social and community challenges are highlighted by the fact that over a quarter (27%) of the total Australian prisoner population are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Blindness rates in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are three times higher than other Australians. Sadly around 90 per cent of vision loss is preventable or treatable, yet 35 per cent of Indigenous Australians have never had an eye exam.

This all points to the need for comprehensive, integrated solutions that help indigenous Australians access health and education resources and sector-wide assistance in helping them builder healthier lives and communities.

In responding to the health crisis amongst Indigenous Australians the federal government has allocated $84 million to June 2019 for provision of mental health services and $78.6 million to June 2020 to deliver Indigenous-specific drug and alcohol treatment services. The funding directive is to ensure Indigenous‑specific and culturally appropriate drug and alcohol treatment services for Indigenous Australians are linked with broader Indigenous health services

Already rediCASE is used by a number of Indigenous communities throughout the Northern Territory and various states in Australia.

These include:

Northern Territory
Forwaard Aboriginal Corporation

Gumbi Gumbi Aboriginal Corporation

Western Australia

We welcome the opportunity to work with more NFPs and NGOs servicing the indigenous community as we collectively try to raise the living standards and life expectancy of our indigenous brothers and sisters.

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