Mental Health Sector

Mental Health is one of the communities biggest challenges.

Designed as user friendly and customisable, many rediCASE clients use the client management software to assist in the provision of their integrated community services for mental health. We know rediCASE works and greatly helps to alleviate the paperwork required when managing mental health caseloads.

The rediCASE client management software provides our clients with the core systems they need for case management and Federal and State Government reporting requirements. Our software has inbuilt reports plus a report builder module enabling users to get the most information from their data.

rediCASE is a proven Australian case management and practice management system that delivers the information management requirements specified by Primary Health Network Grant Programme Guidelines.

It particularly comes into its own with respect to these 5 requirements:

  1. Develop and implement clinical governance and quality assurance arrangements
  2. Ensure appropriate data collection and reporting systems are in place for all commissioned services to inform service planning and facilitate ongoing monitoring and evaluation at the regional and national level, utilising existing infrastructure where possible and appropriate. 
  3. Develop and implement systems to support sharing of consumer history and information between service providers and consumers, building on the foundation provided by myHealth Record
  4. Facilitate ongoing sharing of information across the national network of PHNs and with the Department, including on innovative approaches, and
  5. Establish and maintain appropriate consumer feedback procedures, including complaint handling procedures

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