Problem Gambling Sector

Managing problem gambling client records and reporting is simple with rediCASE.

rediCASE plays a valuable part in the case management of clients seeking help for gambling and other related problems. Our software is designed to help your team manage client contact, follow ups, plans and reporting as simple as possible. Capture the information once so your clients know your service have all the necessary details to provide assistance to them.

rediCASE provides services a practical software solution to:

  • Manage caseloads and referrals for problem gambling.
  • Manage referrals to secondary providers and multiple treatment plan scenarios for each client.
  • Convert paper forms and documents to electronic versions within the one rediCASE system such as scanning, birth certificates, bank statements, custody arrangements and attaching to client file.
  • Book and manage appointments with alerts, calendars, confidentiality
  • Capture and report mandatory government data sets fully complying with Data Exchange submission requirements
  • Input information an agency needs for their own records as well as government data
  • Track client contacts including provision of support, commitments, vouchers and extending through to outcomes.

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See how rediCASE Case Management Software helps businesses like yours to manage client and case file data.

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