Case management for financial counselling for problem gambling

The Pokies, sports bets, race betting, casinos and lotteries place Australia as one of if not the most gambling obsessed nation in the world, resulting in more people seeking financial counseling and assistance for their problem gambling – and more government grants to services providing financial counselling for problem gambling.

In 2016, Australians lost more money per person — an average of US $990 (AUD$1272) — than any other developed country, according to research by consultancy H2 Gambling Capital. In comparison, runner-up Singapore lost $650 per person, and Ireland, which came third, $500.

Alarmingly, the CCN report also revealed that one disadvantaged working-class Sydney suburb, Fairfield, gambled away more than AUS $8 billion in 2015-16 — or just under $40,000 per resident.

It is estimated that 200,000 Australians have a “high-level problem” with gambling, while up to twice as many more have difficulties at a “lower level”. “There’s a ripple effect, where corrosive habits can impinge on friends and family,” according to Dr Charles Livingstone, a gambling researcher at Monash University in Melbourne.

The social toll of gambling is also high.

“Crime, divorce, domestic violence, suicide – that’s the sharp end of the stick, ” according to Alex Blaszczynski, a director at the University of Sydney Gambling Treatment Clinic. “The majority of people lose money, and their quality of life is affected. ”

Case Management for Problem Gambling

It is these issues that the federal government is keen to address with its Government’s Financial Wellbeing and Capability (FWC) Activity grants for Financial Counselling for Problem Gambling 2019–2023) – and why rediCASE can play a valuable part in case management of clients seeking help for gambling and related problems.

rediCASE provides a modern solution to:

  • Manage case loads and referrals for problem gambling and financial counselling
  • Manage referrals to secondary providers and treatment plans for mental health issues, AOD addiction, housing instability, domestic violence, indigenous health, counselling and so on
  • Convert paper forms/ documents to electronic versions within a system, e.g. scanning, birth certificates, bank statements, custody arrangements, etc.
  • Book and manage appointments with alerts, calendars, confidentiality
  • Capture and report mandatory government data sets fully complying with Data Exchange (DEX) submission requirements
  • Input information an agency needs for their own records as well as government data (via customised screens)
  • Track client contacts including provision of support, commitments, vouchers and extending through to outcomes.

rediCASE is a popular case management software solution for (FWC) Activity providers because:

  1. We can easily customise rediCASE for client-specific data-capture requirements unique to their way of working.
  2. We have proven our ability to large-scale tailored case management solutions through our success in PHN contracts.
  3. We build into it the necessary government data collection elements, saving our clients the need to double entry or transfer from another system. This enables faster reporting and enhances prospects for contract renewal.
  4. We have a large support team and systems in place to help clients quickly get up to speed with the software so they can focus on interacting with and supporting their end clients, rather than on the software they are using.

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