rediCASE is an advanced case management system developed in Australia specifically designed for the needs of service providers and treatment facilities caring for drug, alcohol and mental health clients and a growing list of other health and community service-type programs. As such it is highly flexible and scalable software solution.

It is not a system that has evolved from a general practice offering, international provider or an application shoe-horned for Australian case management requirements. It has been purposefully developed by The Redbourne Group, based in Brisbane, with clients all over Australia.

rediCASE allows you to quickly enter and maintain records. It features easy to navigate screens that guide you through data collection with simple point and click functions.

  • Client name, contact details and demographics
  • Photographic identification
  • Medicare and Centrelink details
  • Alerts
  • Relationship mapping of family and community
  • Documents
  • Referrals
  • Case plans and goals
  • Case and clinical notes
  • Time and resources tracking per contact
  • Brokerage
  • Plus a host of sector specific data sets

Along with being a purpose built Australian solution it delivers on five other key design goals:

  • Easy Reporting – an essential aspect given increased reporting requirements

  • Ease of use for case managers and clinicians –the software enables case managers and clinicians to quickly and reliably input into each client’s records between consultations – increasing the time they are able to spend working with their clients/patients

  • Focus on the client not the treatment (so it’s easy to track patients history as all their data is tied to one electronic health record searchable by patient)

  • Highly scalable. rediCASE can be used by a single practice with just one or a few staff right through to a large organisation or consortium with 100 locations, 2000 staff, 200 programs, 100 000 clients

  • Highly Flexible. The software enables each organisation to select and sort the data collection fields in their preferred order for their own requirements

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