rediCASE benefits include saving 20 minutes per client on data entry.

In recent months we’ve been out and about talking to our rediCASE clients trying to understand the next wave of wish lists they’d like to see added to the product as well as how the programs is benefitting their organisations.

The following Top 10 Benefits are almost universal amongst our client sites

They largely highlight the pluses of having a web-based system, that is always available from any location, always up to date, does a lot of the work for them when it comes to data reportage (because state and federal capture fields are inbuilt) and gives easier and greater insight into their treatment outcomes, helping with future planning.

  1. Access client data from any location at any time. All you need is access to the Internet.
  2. Clients files are all there – easy to locate – there’s no more losing of client files or worry about confidential files accidently left lying around. Client files are secure and confidential.
  3. The system has delivered the paperless office and fast tracked referrals and workflow.
  4. State and Federal Government reporting is made easy – as too are internal reporting requirements.
  5. No more dual entry of data into our own system and government’s systems. On average this saves around 20 minutes per client.
  6. Able to share client information across all locations and with allied health partners. Staff can now look at history of treatment. Counsellors are better informed with all the knowledge on each client.
  7. Clients going to other locations in our network don’t have to fill out forms again. This professionalism and integration means a much better experience for them and a time saving for all staff. Clients feel like they are in good hands.
  8. It provides us with the means, pending funding, to readily add more service locations or partners as we have robust systems in place.
  9. Because of this, it will help to ensure our sustainability as an organisation due to being able to attract funding – because we are able to demonstrate systems, processes and reporting capability. By ensuring our survival we can continue to provide the treatment and support services to those who are in dire need of them.
  10. Organisations can use rediCASE across all their service arms – from community and day services through to residential. It is one all encompassing system that supports clients wherever they are and for whatever treatment they are having.

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