With rediCASE case management software for health and community services, Australian organisations have – for the first time – access to a professional solution that enables them to deliver a standard of service, they’ve always dreamed about.

Discover the rich and comprehensive functionality provided in the areas of:

rediCASE helps manage staff case loads and provides extensive real time and cumulative reporting on activity at a client and practice level. Standard reports provided include:

  • Real time case load management
  • Active client lists

Client Summary

At any point in time a Client Summary report can be generated and viewed on-screen or printed to hard copy. The Client Summary contains the client’s demographic details as well as their case history, service contacts, risk profile and alerts.

rediCASE provides an overview of clients at a glance, showing which health professional are treating the client.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Extensive drop down pre-populated forms with up to 20 variables to fast track recording and aid reporting. For example treatment cessation has 20 reasons
  • Customisable to meet your organisation’s individual needs
  • Can re-order the sequence in which the data elements appear on your screen. In this way the data entry flow in the system can match the data flow order in your paper forms. Enables faster data entry
  • Easily hide fields that you don’t need visible
  • Accessible by mobile devices such as iPads

Below is an example of a client page and some of the fields used to establish their profile.

Below shows how simple drop down boxes help you to speed recording of client data.

Below shows how you can prepare a case plan for each client with associated goals, for example securing accommodation.

  • Smart client and treatment data search functions to avoid duplicate records
  • In-depth intake module that can be molded to suit individual client needs. Extensive client record establishment fields include: Age, Gender, Education, Employment, Pensions, Marital/Family, Accommodation, Living, Medicare, Medical (current and historical), Cultural Background, ATSI, Alerts (e.g, behaviour, medication, other programs), Relationships, Criminal History, Mental Health, Tests, Documents, Legal, Cessation
  • Advanced Fields: estimated Date of Birth, Transgender, details of relatives for community oversight
  • Supports Initial Assessment process to determine whether the organisation can or cannot provide suitable treatment services
  • Client codes based on predetermined rules
  • Client summaries that enable you to view client treatment history at your service or from other providers in your consortium or other agencies using rediCASE if your client has given consent.
  • Advanced search tool to help you extract precisely the client information you require. As an example, the multi factor search filters allows users to extract client records using search parameters such as, location of service, case worker or clinician, education level, indigenous status, mental health issues, program attended between date ranges.

Below is an example of a referral screen in rediCASE.

The following screen shows an example of the intake assessment screen. This can be customised.

  • Record and maintain client records, treatment data and treatment outcomes over time
  • Easily capture and record screening outcome tests against the treatment episode
  • Record case or clinical notes using a rich text editor which enables you to change font, text size, check spelling
  • Ability to upload documents against client records
  • Case or Treatment Management Records are created to be specific to your sector and programs. For example in the Drug and Alcohol sector these would include: Episodes, Details, Drugs of Concern, Referral, Funding, Risk Profile (Drink Diver, HIV, Social Issues), Treatment Plan, Goals (e.g. alcohol, drugs, health, social, legal, well-being) Delivery setting, Treatment Management Type, Service Contacts (including ability to easily see days since last service contact), Details of Appointment, Notes, Other Staff Involved, Tests Results (for depression, anxiety etc.)
  • Other fields are available and easily customisable / added to, depending on your programs and requirement — talk to us today.
  • Ability for client / patient to do an IPAD self-test on their current situation and re-sit test throughout months of treatment.

Below is an example of the client data entry screen, where you can select the funding type for the treatment provided.

Below is an example of the client data entry screen which enables you to capture AOD usage history.

Below is an example of the Client Outcomes Management System (COMS), which enables clinicians to record Severity of Dependence Scale (SDS) data, as well as other outcome metrics.

rediCASE includes free-form fields to add clinical notes to each client case file.

Manage your organisations incoming and outbound telephone calls, emails or conversations all within rediCASE so client records show communication history.

Create an Enquiry inside rediCASE

Include additional information to help understand your organisations reach by tracking the “Enquiry Source” and “Where did you hear about us?”

Track how your clients find your service in rediCASE Enquiry Module.

Integrate with Outlook and Gmail calendars. In Appointment Calendar Module your staff can create, edit, view and assign appointments.

Appointment Calendar Module in rediCASE

Book recurring appointments, schedule blocked times (e.g. lunch breaks) and send appointments from rediCASE to mail programs.

Appointments in calendar format and can be edited.

The system provides a large variety of easy to operate and easy to interpret reports that allow your organisation to understand client and resource needs, client trends and treatment effectiveness, such as outcome and statistical reports

Many funding agencies require mandatory reports with strictly defined data items. When creating a program in rediCASE, the system will ask you if it is funded by a particular funding source and if so, applicable data items attached to the program will be mandatory in your setup.

As well, rediCASE:

    • Provides a large variety of easy to operate and easy to interpret reports
    • Meets National Minimum Data Set (NMDS) reporting requirements
    • Red asterisk fields have to be complete before an entry can be saved
    • Captures all State government reporting requirements, e.g. for Alcohol Drug Information System (ADIS)
    • Captures figures for OATSIH requirements

Below is an example of a standard report within rediCASE that can show information across a set time period and age demographic.

Below is an example of how mental health practitioners can use rediCASE when it comes to tracking K10+ outcomes.

Below is an example of AOD usage throughout a treatment plan.

Below is an example of how rediCASE can report physical, psychological, social and environmental metrics.

The following screen shows an example of an OATSIH Summary screen.

rediCASE Report Builder Module has been developed to allow Organisations the ability to create their own reports based on standard fields using different search parameters and queries.

Customise your reports with rediCASE Report Builder.

Using Query function then build the report. View, save and print when you need to.

Build your query to view your report in rediCASE Report Builder.

Create and keep track of your employee records all in rediCASE. Know which employees are working with different partner agencies. Keep track of qualifications required to meet compliance.

Create your employee records in rediCASE.

Edit from any device employee details and upload documents to save on paper and office filing space. All securely hosted in Australia.Edit your employee data in rediCASE.

  • Generate outgoing referral letters
  • Create and manage client alerts
  • Manage appointments with the ability for appointments to be pushed to your staff member’s own Outlook calendar.
  • Case management of client and treatment plans
  • Intake and wait list management
  • Activity-based reporting
  • Subject to client consent, create and share case files with your partner agencies.

Creating appointments in rediCASE is easy.

rediCASE enables the clinician to automatically set up alerts on patients and for other approved and connected allied health providers to view.

  • Lock down clinical notes once they have been saved with options to lock down immediately, within 24 hours or remain open
  • Multifaceted security controls over what modules users have access to based upon their roles in your organisation
  • Protocols in place to be met before a patient or client can be deleted from the system

Plus, with rediCASE as your case management system for capturing client and treatment data your organisation will benefit from these business improvements:

  • Electronic health form processing and document management systems
  • Quality control processes
  • Applied business rules and documented procedures
  • Governance tools
  • Accessible by mobile devices such as iPads
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