For organisations tendering for the Federal Government’s Financial Wellbeing and Capability (FWC) Activity grants, rediCASE is a highly suitable case management software solution, already in use by agencies providing government funded services to vulnerable and at risk people.

ideal case management software for financial counselling organisations

Currently there are open tenders for agencies to provide services for the following FWC Activities from 1 January 2019 through to 30 June 2023.

  • Emergency Relief
  • Food Relief
  • Commonwealth Financial Counselling
  • Commonwealth Financial Counselling Helpline
  • Financial Counselling for Problem Gambling
  • Financial Capability
  • Financial Resilience.

Assessment & Referrals

Per grant specifications, successful applications will be required to engage with potential clients to determine if they meet eligibility criteria for each area. This process will provide an opportunity for service providers to identify underlying issues (such as mental health issues, housing instability or addiction) and flow-on issues (such as domestic violence, homelessness), undertake triage processes and facilitate referrals to other support services, where appropriate.

This is where rediCASE comes into its own, said Stephen Menhinnitt, Managing Director of the Redbourne Group, developers of rediCASE. “Our proven and highly flexible case management software provides sophisticated yet easy-to-use software for agencies supporting clients through AOD, Mental Health, Indigenous Health, Domestic Violence and Refugees and Migrants. These are people who are often also facing financial hardship and require financial counselling and support.

A system designed to support such service provider agencies and end clients is ideally suited to those agencies now wanting to take on a government service contract for an FWC Activity.

Meets Government Reporting Requirements

rediCASE will provide a modern solution to:

  • Manage case loads and referrals for financial counselling, helpline, problem gambling and emergency relief.
  • Convert paper forms to electronic versions within the system
  • Book and manage appointments with alerts, calendars
  • Capture and report mandatory government data sets fully complying with Data Exchange (DEX) submission requirements
  • Input information each agency needs for their own records as well as government data (via customised screens)
  • Track client contacts including provision of support, commitments or vouchers

Stand-out Solution

There were a few key things that set rediCASE apart as a suitable case management software solution for FWC Activity providers, added Mr Menhinnitt.

  1. “We build into it the necessary government data collection elements, saving our clients the need to double entry or transfer from another system. This enables faster reporting and enhances prospects for contract renewal.”
  2. “We can easily customise rediCASE for client specific data capture requirements unique to their way of working.”
  3. “We have a large support team and systems in place to help clients quickly get up to speed with the software.”
  4.  “We have proven our ability to large-scale tailored case management solutions through our success in PHN contracts,” he said.

rediCASE has been used across Australia for close to a decade with clients such as Odyssey House Victoria, saying “their relationship with the Redbourne Group and use of rediCASE has been a key feature of our success.”

In addition to providing a suitable Australian case management software solution, the Redbourne Group also has extensive experience in providing telephony hotline solutions in response to government contracts for health, community services and policing.

Stephen said he was interested in talking to organisations interested in including rediCASE or an outsourced client management solution in their Financial Wellbeing and Capability (FWC) Activity Grant applications due in August. Interested parties could contact him here.



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