Our experience in case management and automatic reporting solutions for providers treating clients affected by mental health and/ or AOD has helped secure these contracts to manage PHN reporting and referral management.

rediCASE provides referrers and GPs with a simple and convenient system to refer eligible clients into a mental health service commissioned by their local PHN. It also allows providers to easily upload program data and process contract payments to these service providers.

To date five PHNs – Brisbane North, Brisbane South, North Coast NSW, Darling Downs and West Moreton, and Northern Queensland – have chosen our rediCASE solution, initially to manage mental health treatment services, and with plans to extend to allied health.

After winning the tender on 6 April 2017, we went live on 3 July 2017. “Yes, 3 months later!” said Redbourne’s PHN Project Manager, Karen Wolanski.

PHN Reporting and Referral Management

Let us help you get everything in place to meet the new reporting requirements that came into effect from July 2017 .

rediCASE will:

  • Manage your funded programs and Service Providers
  • Manage and track referral activity and client progress.
  • Import Service Provider data for mandatory data set reporting – rediCASE will validate!
  • Validate and compile mandatory data set reporting for Mental Health, Alcohol and drug Services (PMHC-MDS, AODTS-MDS)
  • Process payments to Service Providers – automatically generates tax invoices (RCTI’s) and an electronic bank payment file.

Discover what Redbourne and rediCASE can do for your PHN.


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