rediCASE helps Service Providers
The rediCASE PHN solution includes rediDOCS — a simple yet powerful form builder — that enables PHNs to provide an easy to use e-referal system for GPs to refer mental health patients on to contracted services providers. Best of all, this solution which helps GPs identify the best treatment provider for their clients, is free of charge to doctors.

At Brisbane North PHN this e-referal capability has been delivered as an improved Brisbane MIND Plus referral tool that allows GPs to complete referrals easily across the range of PHN-commissioned primary mental health, suicide prevention and alcohol and other drug treatment services.

With rediCASE and it’s databases as the underlying solution, GPs (and other service providers )have all the information they need to manage intake, assessment and referral, including the ability for patients to do some self-assessment via a questionnaire.

GPs can securely and quickly refer patients to:

  1. Low intensity mental health services
  2. Youth mental health services
  3. Brisbane MIND services
  4. Severe and complex mental illness (mental health nursing services)
  5. Psychosocial disability
  6. Suicide prevention
  7. Alcohol and other drug treatment services
  8. Integrated mental healthcare for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

e-referals with built-in smarts

The solution steers clients towards services that are funded specifically (which can then track outcomes). It can also identify eligibility, crisis / financial or other disadvantaged priorities as well as convenient locations.

Capability Profiles

Within the system each service provider has a capability profile, which outlines their qualifications and what classification of clients (age, severity, types of treatments, costs) they can cater for.

Helping New GPs

When a new GP starts practicing in a certain area, they often don’t know who the best person to refer various clients to. This e-referral system provides them with options that they can discuss with their clients. It also contains a profile and information on each Service Provider.

rediCASE Case Management Software supports many PHNs to manage their Service Providers. 

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