The rediCASE system makes every day data management a breeze.
To use what you’ve got or go with something new – that is the challenge facing many PHNs as they look to comply to government reporting requirements. By going with rediCASE PHNs get a proven, purpose-built and highly affordable solution to handle their referral and reporting requirements.

Some PHNs already have an e-referral system, however it is not married with a data reporting system that captures metrics that federal, state and other funding providers now require.

And these metrics continue to change over time.

For many organisations retro-fitting or bolting onto their existing systems is not the way to go.

This was the decision Brisbane North and other PHNs faced. All had to get CEO and/or Board approval to go with the new system, but they decided it was better than throwing good money after bad.

Taking the “risk” and going with a proven solution and a confirmed budget was the best decision.

Why go with rediCASE? Why go new?

rediCASE is committed to ensuring that those customers on a subscription service will have a product that is always current with mandatory data reporting sets built in.

This saves time and money in not double handing. Plus they have a robust system that can deliver many more features and benefits.

rediCASE allows the collection of PMHC MDS directly by the Service Provider / SP support staff and validated and updates in alignment with data collection.

It can automatically and securely direct GP generated referrals to appropriate service providers. Plus, it also allows PHNs to provide intermediate review / redirection of referrals for quality and capacity management.

Referrals and notifications are delivered securely through HL7 and is free per transaction – unlike most other providers who charge. By going with rediCASE you are saved this unknown expense.

rediCASE Case Management Software supports many PHNs to manage their Service Providers. 

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