Our approach to providing a solution that PHNs require doesn’t just focus on our software or what clients need to deliver, but also takes into account the bigger picture in how our clients, in this case, PHNs are trying to deliver and coordinate important services to those in need in the community.
Our approach for the Brisbane North Consortium Contract

The tender scope for 5 PHNs (Brisbane North Consortium) wanting a mental health solution consisted of 4 key elements:
i. Federal Reporting
ii. Referral Management
iii. Paying contracted services
iv. Monitoring of outcomes

“Our solution was completely different to others tendered,” said Redbourne’s PHN Project Manager, Karen Wolanski.

1. PHN Focussed

Other suppliers used existing GP software that already handled referrals that were client-record focused.

Our solution was PHN focussed, ultimately helping to better manage and track outcomes and provide better services across the region.

2. Fixed Cost

PHNs are delivering important health services to the community. They have 5 years of funding and want to lock a solution in for 5 years. They needed a fixed budget, a set price per year. We delivered.

We charge the PHN a flat fee, which was reduced according to the number of PHNs that joined the consortium, so more cost-effective for all. We don’t count licences. Our fee is for the software solution.

3. Free, electronic secure referrals. No fees!

Budget certainty is key. How does an organisation know how many e-referrals they are going to do in any given year?

Other’s charged for each e-referral. Our system uses the same data standard (HL7) to deliver secure electronic management referrals. There is no cost per transaction for this. It doesn’t cost us any more money – why should it cost the client.

4. Migration included.

For 4 of the 5 PHNs involved in this tender we migrated their provider details across to our rediCASE system.

For 2 or the 5 PHNs we also migrated all of their existing patient records.

Migrating data is rarely straightforward, however it is necessary to ensure seamless transition to a new working environment.

Initially data migration was not a requirement of the contract, but as the project progressed it was evident for some PHNs that data migration would streamline back office administration. So we did it. For us it’s about getting the job done.

rediCASE Case Management Software supports many PHNs to manage their Service Providers. 

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