rediCASE data sets are compliant.
Using rediCASE all parties involved in the delivery of health and community services benefit from improved referral, case management, capacity management and reporting. Most importantly, mental health and other clients getting the right treatment at the right time at the right price is the ultimate benefit.
Our rediCASE PHN solution benefits PHNs, Service Providers, GPs, the government, and most importantly, patients needing treatment and support.

1. Immediacy of data

No waiting on reports. No duplicate entry. Better informed to help manage capacity at any point during the year.

2. Money Savings

Due to the automatic payments feature, PHNs save money at the back-end. This can be invested in the front end – i.e. having more clinicians delivering services or more services.

3. Self-Help Solution

The solution built for the Brisbane North Consortium includes a public Self-Help portal on their website whereby patients who have been previously treated for a mental health condition and might have a re-occurance, have the option to seek their own medical treatment in the first instance.

By inputting their location, and the type of service they are looking for, e.g. Peer support through to a highly qualified clinical psychologist, they can book the help they needed. Because they are already in the system this is treated as an e-referral.

This speeds processes, reduces waiting times and costs.

4. Better treatment / client matching

“rediCASE helps patients or the their GP connect to the mental health provider that most suits their current mental health (or other) need, enabling PHNs to deliver a stepped care model.”

“A person does not generally have to start at the lowest, least intensive level in order to progress to the next ‘step’.”

“Rather they enter the system and have their service level aligned to their requirements.”

“Patients get the right care, in the right place, at the right time,” said NQPHN Mental Health Director Gillian Yearsley.

5. Expandable Solution

With rediCASE in place to manage mental health treatment programs, PHNs also have the software solution in place to deliver other government health priorities, e.g. Indigenous Health, Chronic Disease Management ( Diabetes, Obesity). There is little customisation required to enable rediCASE to be used for other case management and referral purposes.

rediCASE Case Management Software supports many PHNs to manage their Service Providers. 

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