PARSA at Australian National University uses rediCASE
There are many compelling reasons why PHNs have opted for Redbourne’s rediCASE software as their solution for case management, referrals and PMHC MDS reporting to government.

1. Quality of Product

rediCASE is a comprehensive, flexible easy to use case management, referral and reporting solution. It automatically and securely directs GP generated referrals to appropriate service providers. It also allows PHNs to provide intermediate review / redirection of referrals for quality and capacity management.

2. Dataset Reporting already built-in

All national minimum data set information required for federal and state reporting, such as PMHC MDS, is already built into the product. Additional data sets can easily be added. Report extraction is easy, including financial reports.

3. Fast Delivery time

Because the solution already had most of what the PHN’s needed, customisation, migration and implementation happened quickly – 3 months from start to implementation, followed by training upon roll-out.

4. Seamless Integration for GPs

We provided a seamless transition for a GP to create a referral from their own software and it automatically sends it securely via rediCASE (branded as the PHN’s form). This means the GP does not have to re-enter patient details. The language is suited to a GP.

5. GPs not charged

As GPs are not using rediCASE but a form that is uploaded into rediCASE they are not charged a licence fee for the licence. So no additional cost for GPs.

6. Customisable Forms

PHNs still have the freedom to create or customise their own forms using drag and drop fields. Similarly they can hide fields that are not relevant. Additionally Redbourne can do customisable forms.

7. Secure Messaging

An email notification is sent to the organisation’s email address advising there is a new referral. Providers log into rediCASE and can search and see all referrals assigned to them or their organisation depending on your level of access. All ‘Not Viewed’ and ‘Viewed’ referrals in the Referral Module need to be accepted prior to the commencement of treatment, or declined.

8. No more invoicing

Mental Health Providers no longer need to invoice/ claim payment back from the PHN. The system automatically takes care of that, so less work for the provider.

rediCASE Case Management Software supports many PHNs to manage their Service Providers. 

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