Across Australia, NFPs and NGOs in the community health sector are seeing the benefits of the rediCASE system in helping them deliver services under the federal government’s 2015 PHN initiative to improve health outcomes for Australians at risk.

The government’s PHN initiative focuses on 6 key areas: mental health, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, population health, health workforce, eHealth and aged care, as well as a greater focus announced in March 2017 on drug and alcohol treatment for 1 July to 30 June 2019 as part of the government’s National Ice Action Strategy (NIAS),

rediCASE has been selected by a number of PHNs to provide a referral and client management system for mental health and  AOD services.

“As we know from dealing with the health and community services sector over the past 15 years, there are often overlaps with these conditions and treatment needs to be multi-disciplinarian,” said Stephen Menhinnitt, Managing Director of the Redbourne Group.

“What is required is a technology solution that works seamlessly with critical referral sources such as GPs,” he said. “Our rediCASE solution provides this seamless connection to GPs, the PHN and their service providers, automatically routing referrals to the most appropriate service provider identified for each client.  The nominated Service agency automatically receives an alert in their system with attached referral documents.

“Ensuring all health care professionals have access to full client treatment information – provided permissions are given – is crucial to giving health professional a full historical view of clients they are trying to help.”

Mr Menhinnitt said most PHNs coordinate a diverse range of providers to work together to deliver programs, with each requiring their own reporting metrics to manage demand / budgets – a sign of the complexity of their reporting requirements.

“rediCASE takes care of all the necessary government agency mandatory data reporting with inbuilt data sets for federal and state requirements,” said Stephen. “It also has the flexibility to easily create other fields to capture program outcomes and budget allocation for management and funders, meeting the terms of their contracts.”

Importantly, the system is web-based meaning all the information is always up to date and accessible from any location, any time. Using the system, general practitioners, primary and secondary health care providers and hospital staff can all view the same client file.

“rediCASE ensures PHN-appointed service organisations have robust and professional systems, enabling their clinicians and counsellors to better plan and manage treatment programs for clients,” said Stephen. “Organisationally, it saves time and stress when it comes to reporting, plus gives them the tools to have greater insight into the outcomes of treatment plants across demographic, treatment type and a host of other variables.”



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