Hello? Capture all rings, beeps, knocks and visits in rediCASE.

Enquiry Module is just one of the many useful features of the rediCASE case management software.

Asking how your clients discovered your service is important in understanding the reach your organisation has. Using rediCASE client management system makes it easy to capture this information.

The Enquiry Module has been developed to help your organisation in managing inbound and outbound calls, emails and client conversations as part of everyday case management tasks. By capturing all this data and assigning to a program or new client, your service demonstrates the volume of work and support your team are doing, every day.

So how does the Enquiry Module work?

When your organisation receives an enquiry, your team open their rediCASE case management system and do a quick search to check if the person is already a client. If not, the potential client can be quickly added into rediCASE.

The next step is to fill out the “enquiry details”.

This is where capturing “where did you first hear about our service” via Google/internet search, client recommendation, parent/friend, health practitioner or other is selected. Your team can also select details of how the person contacted your service via telephone, email, webchat or internet query.

From the Enquiry Module all information can be generated into an Enquiry Report.

By using this rediCASE feature your organisation will have better information about all your enquiries, their sources and how your services are discovered.

Find out how rediCASE can provide flexible case and client management software for your organisation. Contact us for a demonstration via redicase.com.au/demo/



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